About CCMI Direct

CCMI Direct is your online source to CCMI’s suite of telecom databases. No matter where you are, CCMI Direct gives you instant access to precise LEC local calling area detail, current and archival FCC and PUC regulated switched and special access rates, comprehensive LATA definitions and thousands of carrier price lists, service guides and tariffs.

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QTEL Online

QTEL Online lets you quickly and easily drill down into each QTEL database to pinpoint and download the exact information you need including:

  • LEC outbound and inbound local calling area definitions for all U.S. exchanges
  • Routing tables that give you precise jurisdictional assignment from any U.S. exchange
  • Detailed lists of NPA/NXXs and rate centers for any U.S. LATA

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TelView is a comprehensive, fully searchable library of tariffs, price lists and service guides for more than 1,200 U.S. carriers and service providers. TelView gives you:

  • An invaluable archive of historical tariff information – essential for audits and disputes
  • Exclusive custom alert services – so you won’t miss any critical updates
  • Powerful search features that save you hours of research time

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Carrier access billing system (CABS) audits are more thorough and your disputes more successful when you use CCMI’s CABSnet. CABSnet’s powerful query capability lets you:

  • Search thousands of switched and special access rates for over 3,100 LECS
  • Organize your query by OCN, USOC or carrier
  • Cross-reference rates to specific tariffs and price guides

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Telecom Tools

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